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Guy Mitchell Design are: Guy Mitchell (designer-maker) and Imogen Mitchell (customer relations, marketing, sales, finance) 

We believe in...

Providing exceptional quality and offering unique and desirable products that go the extra mile:
All of our products are completely handmade. The clay is rolled out by hand, sometimes requiring subtle textures to be impressed into it, before being allowed to dry a little. The tiles are then hand-cut, whereas many other handmade tile makers use moulds. We find that hand-cutting keeps to the truest sense of the term “handmade”, adding to the unique nature of the product. After a first firing, colours and glazes are applied either by brushing or dipping. The underglaze colours and the glazes are all carefully hand-mixed from raw materials and oxides, resulting in the most beautiful, vibrant colours that are impossible to replicate in a factory produced tile. Some of our work is also sawdust-fired outside, using locally sourced seaweed and driftwood to interesting effect. Each tile is a unique, hand-produced work of art in itself, as well as having practical uses. Our tiles are made from hard-wearing stoneware clay, which is less porous and more durable than terracotta clay. The creative designs exude quality and opulence, adding value, intrigue and a topic of conversation to every wall that they adorn. We make sure that you will never have to compromise on either form or function.

Offering a highly personal service:

When contacting Guy Mitchell Design, you will always speak directly to owners, Guy and Imogen, to ensure that your requirements are met to the highest standard. We are responsive to our clients 7 days a week. We believe in spending time with every customer so that they are well looked after throughout the buying process.