April 2016 Ceramics Workshops by Imogen Mitchell

If you're looking for something wonderfully relaxing, creative, social and incredibly fun to do in April, we have just the thing for you. The Guy Mitchell Design ceramics workshops are fast becoming popular, so get in there quick if you want to secure a place!

Come along and have a go at creating your very own unique ceramic art with Professional ceramicist, Guy Mitchell (BA hon, 3 dimensional design, ceramics & tableware).

We have the following dates available currently:

**SALTBURN - Hey Ho Print Co, Princes Road Business Centre, TS12 1JJ. The workshop is in 2 parts and will take place on Saturday the 2nd & Saturday the 9th of April, from 09.30-11.30am.

**MIDDLESBROUGH** - The House Of Blah Blah, Exchange House, Middlesbrough, TS1 1DB. The workshop is in two parts and will take place on Saturday the 16th & Saturday 23rd of April from 9.30am-11.30am. 

Don't worry if you're a complete beginner! The course is as suitable for you as it is for more experienced ceramicist, wishing to develop their existing skill.

You will have the chance to prepare the clay, work with textures and shapes, hand-glaze your own work and in general enjoy yourself thoroughly whilst learning a true skill.

What people are saying about these workshops...

"A very relaxing workshop with super cool Guy. Discovering texture and colour was fun. Receiving our fired ceramic items and opening the box gave us a lovely colourful surprise. Having homemade pieces throughout the house is a nice touch. The tiles we made show off our decorative candles beautifully. Thanks Guy." (Phil, Saltburn)

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. You can secure your place by contacting guymitchellartist@gmail.com

Payment for the course will be taken at the time of booking.
The cost for all 4 hours tuition, materials, tea & coffee and delivery of your finished ceramic items is £40. The fee is unfortunately non-refundable due to the costs involved in running the workshops.

Gift vouchers are available on request for those that have someone special in mind for a thoughtful gift.

 An example of previous work produced by one of our budding ceramicists.

An example of previous work produced by one of our budding ceramicists.

The Beauty Of Handmade Ceramic Tiles by Imogen Mitchell

As we're sure you're aware already, handmade tiles are what fires us up here at Guy Mitchell Design. It's not just us. All over the world, there are fellow tile enthusiasts, all of whom will explode with excitement when a new artisan or design of handmade tile hits the market. What's not to like, really? We struggle to think of anything. We do have some insight to share with you about what IS to like, though. There is indeed plenty of that.

Read More

More Ceramics Workshop News by Imogen Mitchell

The second round of ceramics workshops was so much fun. There's definitely something incredibly fulfilling about people coming through the door who haven't necessarily tried creating with this medium before, helping them settle into feeling comfortable with the clay, all the way through to leaving with huge grins and positive words.


Business and creativity are things that make both Imogen and I feel excited and inspired. We also, deep down, have a strong desire to give back and to connect on a creative level with others. The workshops are certainly proving to be a great and important way of satisfying this need.


They've not been without their challenges, though! There's a certain degree of vulnerability that comes with sharing ones art and skill with others. If you wish to understand the origins of this vulnerability, it is beautifully explained by Sarah PJ White here. Luckily, this is always made easier by the complete loveliness of the participants and this time was no different. Six wonderful people attended and all were enthusiastic, involved and motivated. If you have a skill, we definitely recommend sharing it with others in this way.


We really are looking forward to catching up with everyone from the course ASAP, so that we can see their faces when we give them their finished ceramics.


For anyone who may be interested in attending the next Guy Mitchell Design ceramics workshop, the details are as follows:

The workshop will be in two parts and the dates are 2nd & 9th of April 2016, from 9.30am-11.30am.

The venue is Hey Ho Print Co., Princes Road Business Centre, Saltburn-By-The-Sea, North Yorkshire. TS12 1JJ.

The total price for both sessions (4 hours tuition) including tea and coffee, all materials and delivery of your finished ceramic products is £40.

You can secure your place by contacting: guymitchellartist@gmail.com and paying the fee in full. The fee is unfortunately non-refundable due to the costs involved in running the workshops. You can pay either by card (this carries a 3% card processing fee), or by bank transfer (this carries no extra fee).

These workshops are suitable for both complete beginners and also for those that would like to develop their existing skill. We will focus onpreparing clay, working with shapes & textures and glazing.

Gift certificates are available on request for those that may have someone special in mind for a thoughtful present.

We are also available to facilitate workshops for other people privately and for organisations. We both have extensive knowledge and experience of working with people with mental health and learning difficulties and community groups. If this is something you are interested in booking, please contact us for a chat at guymitchellartist@gmail.com 


Profile: Beetle & WILDE by Imogen Mitchell

   Picture courtesy of   www.limitlesspictures.com

 Picture courtesy of www.limitlesspictures.com

Looking back to a couple of years ago, we were just at the beginning of setting up the social media pages for Guy Mitchell Design. One evening, which we'll never forget, we stumbled upon the most amazing Instagram profile. That was the beginning of our huge crush on all things beetle & WILDE.  We couldn't help but fall immediately and hopelessly in love with their eclectic mix of mid-century classics, intriguing anatomical accessories set against walls and floors in moody dark tones. We caught up with Caz from beetle & WILDE to find out what inspires her, and how it all began. 

How would you describe what you do?

I'm guessing that's not supposed to be a difficult question, but l actually find it quite hard to quantify what l do. Probably because l have a ridiculously low boredom threshold and consequently I'll give anything a go!  So, it's a kind of moveable feast of interiors styling, item sourcing, selling, buying, learning, making, designing & travelling. So, one minute I'm sourcing antlers for Louis Vuitton, the next I'm styling the interior of a boat to look like an autopsy room,  and the next I'm covered in mud in a Belgian field arguing in pigeon French over a pair of candlesticks!!

How long have you been in the design/retail industry for?

l started beetle & WILDE at the beginning of 2013, but it was the culmination of a lifetime of work experience & studying. I've had a very varied career to say the least, but I've learned something useful from every weird & random job and it's given me a real insight into how to work with people.

Where are you based?

We were originally based in London, but moved to Ramsgate just over a year ago. It's changed the way l work, and we're still renovating, but l love living by the sea! Having a shop & an enormous house to experiment with is lots of very exhausting fun!!

Where do you take inspiration from?

 Picture courtesy of  beetle & WILDE

Picture courtesy of beetle & WILDE

It's a huge cliché, but literally everywhere!! As a design style l would say my skeleton is Mid Century, but l flesh that out with an eclectic mix that changes and evolves, depending on the season, what I'm working on or studying, or where I've been travelling. There's always a huge reference to the natural world though! 

What made you want to work with anatomy as a theme?

I've studied science, art & design in equal measures for as long as l can remember. So, it was more of a natural progression than a conscious decision. When it came to pinning down the direction of the business, l knew l wanted to work with natural history, but l didn't just want to sell it. I wanted to incorporate it into an interiors aesthetic that elevated it and changed the way people thought about it. Maybe even set up a dialogue between the interior & the exterior - the built and the natural environment. Push people's buttons a little, and of course create kick-arse rooms that bite!!

What are the best-sellers in your shop at the moment?

Small mounted Roe Deer antlers are the best sellers online and our cards are the best sellers in the shop. Any medical anatomy models tend to do really well too, but most things are one-off vintage pieces, which makes it difficult to quantify in terms of best-sellers.


What's the best project that you've ever worked on?

It's always the one I'm working on right now! Which at the moment happens to be our house! It's the biggest project to date and so far, at 16 months and counting, it's definitely the longest! I've learnt a lot on this one, mostly that l probably should've been a plumber!!

Where do you like to shop for interior products?

I love flea markets & antique fairs! Rummaging around in the mud with a torch, eagerly anticipating coming across something amazing is such a buzz. Although when its cold and wet, there's nothing like snuggling up on the sofa in front of the fire and trawling through eBay!

Do you have three "do's" and three "don't(s)" for people decorating at home?

Do take risks & step outside your comfort zone
Do follow your instincts not fashion
Do buy at least some vintage furniture, it's cheaper, better made & kinder to the environment.

  Picture courtesy of   beetle & WILDE

Picture courtesy of beetle & WILDE

Don't skimp on bathroom fixtures (random obsession). Invest in gold, brass & copper instead. It makes your bathroom look amazing!!

Don't use textured wallpaper...Ever! The people who buy your house will curse your name 'til the end of time!

Don't use oil based white paint indoors. It's UV activated so will go yellow if not in direct sunlight & you'll have to paint it every year!! Water based gloss/eggshell is better for you, the house & the environment.

(Ok, so these may be my personal demons at the moment, but still good advice l think!)

Can you offer any advice to a budding interior designer or new retailer?

Yeah, don't do it!

...But if you must, do what you love and be prepared to work harder than you ever thought possible!!

What are you excited about for the year ahead?

We're going to Iceland in May, I'm beside myself with excitement about that! I'm sure l'll come home filled with inspiration & hopefully won't break anything ice axe climbing!!

Also hoping to get the house finished this year. I'm looking forward to lazy sunny days in the garden (which in my head will look like Yves Saint Laurent's in Marrakesh!) & walks on the beach. I might even get a dog!!

Thank you very much for your words and your time Caz!

The beetle & WILDE website can be found at: www.beetle-and-wilde.co.uk and across social media via the following links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeetleAndWilde

Twitter: https://twitter.com/beetleAndWILDE

Instagram: @beetle_and_wilde

Ebay: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/beetle-and-wilde

  Picture courtesy of   www.limitlesspictures.com

Picture courtesy of www.limitlesspictures.com

Guy Mitchell Design Tiles in the USA by Imogen Mitchell

Great news this week: our exclusive range of handmade ceramic tiles is now available to buy from Country Floors of America at their Fairfax, Virginia showroom and will also be coming soon to the the New York showroom. 

We are proud and extremely happy to work with Country Floors (you can read about the company here). Considering their reputation for quality and excellence within the tile industry, how could we possibly refuse?!  

We will keep you posted as to when the range is launched in New York, but for now, you can visit the Fairfax showroom to view our samples and discuss your vision with their knowledgable, friendly and professional staff. We can't wait to see your projects come to life! 


Liberty Open Call by Imogen Mitchell

We were truly honoured (and rather nervous) to be chosen by the fabulous Liberty of London to attend their open call for designers last weekend. We had entered our Mayfair console table at the application stage back in December and were thrilled to have had a response just before Christmas.

There was a lot of prep to be done beforehand, including the designing and printing of wholesale brochures and the writing and perfecting of our pitch, but it was amazingly exciting.  

The day itself was incredible from start to finish. We arrived at 8am, which was a good idea, as the queue of designers was growing fast. Luckily, we were only outside in the cold for an hour or so and before we knew it, we were registering and then seated and waiting to be called in. 

We met with two of the buyers as well as the amazing and charismatic Mr. Ed Burstell himself, which was a pretty mind-blowing experience. Everyone was friendly and lots of questions were asked about our tables and about our range of tiles. 

We were very happy that they kept hold of our brochures and took our business cards. Now it's a case of watching this space to find out whether we will be invited back for a more in-depth discussion with the buying team.  

View the Mayfair console table here: http://www.guymitchelldesign.com/mayfair

Visit the Liberty website here: http://www.liberty.co.uk

Browse our range of luxury stoneware tiles here: http://www.guymitchelldesign.com



Gift Workshops Success by Imogen Mitchell

Recently we ran a two-part workshop to make and glaze some ceramic gifts over at Hey Ho Print Co in Saltburn by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire. For those that don't know, Saltburn is a bit of a hive of creativity in the region, with a high concentration of artists, designers and musicians living in close proximity. The workshop participants were enthusiastic and everbody got stuck in with all aspects of making and glazing. Today was the day they got to see their finished items. Happily, all that attended produced some beautiful results! 

If anyone is interested in having a go, the next workshop will be running on 13th and 20th February 2016 (9.30-11.30am) and costs £30 for all four hours tuition, including materials and refreshments. Please contact: info@guymitchelldesign.com to book your place.