Festival Of Thrift 2016 Workshops / by Imogen Mitchell


We'll be running a free drop-in workshop at this year's Festival Of Thrift. Come along and join us in hand-making some beautiful ceramic tiles. No booking necessary.



You will be able to make a tile, or decorate a pre-made blank tile. Making a tile will involve rolling out a small slab of clay, pressing textures into it and then cutting out the tile shape.  Decorating involves painting with underglaze colours and then dipping into various glazes.

Themes and motifs for the tiles will reflect Redcar history and industry such as steel making, fishing and tourism. We will be using found items from the beach to press in to the clay (feathers, seaweed etc) aiming to produce 170 tiles, to reflect the 170 year of steel working on Teesside.

These finished tiles will be used to create a piece of wall art to commemorate Redcar’s heritage.

The Guy Mitchell Design tile-making workshops will take place on both days of the festival and sessions will be from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.



About The Festival

The Festival of Thrift is the UK’s only national celebration of sustainable living and a winner for the 2015 Arts & Culture Observer Ethical Awards. It was co-founded by Prestigious design team, Wayne & Grealdine Hemmingway & prominent local businessman John Orchard in 2013.  The festival has grown over the last few years and drew 45,000 visitors last year alone.

Expect thought provoking art, interactive entertainment, workshops, an array of tasty homemade food, fabulous stalls selling up-cycled, recycled and second-hand goods, activities, crafting, music and tips and advice. It all sounds like amazing fun and personally, we can't wait to get started!