An Insight Into the Hand-Glazing Process / by Imogen Mitchell

We've put together this 22 seconds long time-lapse video of two hours of hand-glazing, so that you can see how much work goes into even just the glazing part of the making of your tiles.


The specific tile in the video is the  Malasana mini-hexagon design from our collection and the ones shown here, being created with great care and love, will be arriving soon with our exclusive USA retailer, Country Floors Of America. They are currently available from their New York and Fairfax showrooms. For details of other stockists and how to place an order, please visit the stockists and additional information sections of the Guy Mitchell Design website.

About the process: in the creation of this particular design, each tile is individually dipped in slip (liquid clay) and then the glaze goes on afterwards. Each of the glazes used have been hand mixed, using our signiture combinations of raw materials. By working in this way, we can achieve superior glaze results, which enables us to offer you the most vibrant and intriguing colours and finishes on your tiles. 

We hope that you enjoy watching. 

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