condesa kite-shaped tiles

Material: Glazed Stoneware

Colour: Cobalt Blue and Aquamarine

Size (mm): 105 x 90 x 8

The CONDESA tile is not only staggeringly pretty, but also incredibly versatile. The tile shape can be fitted in different positions to create all manner of other larger shapes, some of which are shown below. The intricate pattern is inlaid into the tile and accentuated with a cobalt blue underglaze, before the whole tile is hand-dipped into our signature aquamarine glaze. 

The CONDESA tile will also work perfectly in combination with the following tile designs within our range:

MARAIS (Hexagon)

GRACIA (Diamond)

MONTI (Diamond)

CENTRO (Triangle)

Recommended for use on interior and exterior walls only. Stoneware. Water resistant. 
Heat resistant. Very easy to clean. The use of bleach is not recommended.