Material: Glazed Stoneware

Colour: Inky Blue, Pale Aquamarine White, Ochre and Plum 

Size (mm): 50 x 45 x 8

The CENTRO tile is a versatile, triangular mosaic tile within the range. It is provided in a mixture of striking colours and textures. Underglaze colours are applied either by brush or by dipping, before each tile is hand-dipped in glaze. 

This design is supplied on a mosaic mesh backing to ensure ease of application to a wall.

The CENTRO works perfectly in combination with the following tile designs within our range:

MARAIS (Hexagon)


GRACIA (Diamond)

MONTI (Diamond)

Recommended for use on interior and exterior walls only. Stoneware. Water resistant. Heat resistant. Very easy to clean. The use of bleach is not recommended.